About me

Genetic Affairs is created by Evert-Jan Blom. He lives in the Netherlands near Arnhem with his wife and their three sons and daughter. His professional background lies in Biology. He did his MSc and PhD in Molecular Genetics with a strong focus on Bioinformatics. He is currently working as a scientist in an Ag Biotech company in the Netherlands.

My genetic genealogy journey started somewhere in May 2013. I was contacted by a DNA relative from 23andme. He and I shared a large segment on chromosome 20. When I heard that he was adopted, I started gathering information concerning my ancestors. I got my father tested as well and slowly assembled our family tree. After testing several 2nd and 3rd cousins from my family tree we still haven't figured out how we were connected. Nevertheless, I was hooked to genetic genealogy and really enjoyed all of the interactions with family members and distant cousins that I had throughout the years.
Now, after more than four years I have tested numerous family members and in-laws. Most of them were tested at 23andme, AncestryDNA and/or FTDNA. I quickly realized that getting regular updates for all of these profiles took quite some time. It was then that I started developing the methods and website for Genetic Affairs!