The free trial comes with 200 credits that allow you to explore and try several default AutoCluster and/or AutoTree analyses.

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Subscription from 5 dollar per month

  • All free tier features
  • AutoCluster low** & high cM matches
  • AutoSegment for high and low cM matches
  • hybrid AutoSegment
  • AutoFastCluster for more than 100 matches
  • access to AutoKinship feature
  • Access to premium features:
  • - AutoScan for FTDNA and 23andme
  • - AutoTree for FTDNA Y-DNA and mtDNA matches
  • - AutoPedigree
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What do analyses on Genetic Affairs cost?

  • Reclustering, CSV or AutoFastCluster analyses are 50 credits.

  • A default AutoCluster analysis using shared matches for 23andme or FTDNA is 75 credits per search.

  • An AutoSegment analysis costs 75 credits per search.

  • A manual AutoKinship analysis costs 25 credits per search.

  • A 23andme AutoKinship analysis costs 50 credits per search.

  • Rule based analyses* are 50 credits per applied rule and 50 credits for the primary profile

  • AutoCluster analyses with the AutoTree or AutoPedigree*. features are 100 credits.

  • Hybrid AutoSegment clustering costs 100 credits for 2 datasets*.

  • Hybrid AutoSegment clustering costs 125 credits for 3 datasets*.

  • Hybrid AutoSegment clustering costs 150 credits for 4 datasets*.

  • * premium feature

What are credits?

Credits are the equivalents of cents US. For instance a 10 dollar payment would earn 1000 credits.

How can we purchase credits?

Credits can be obtained using monthly subscriptions from our subscription page. These monthly subscriptions yield 10% bonus credits (e.g., a monthly subscription of 10 dollar corresponds with 1000 credits + 100 bonus credits = 1100 credits).

Credits can also be purchased via single payments (for instance; a single payment of 7 dollar will result in 700 credits). Note that the single payment site only works after entering your credit card information in the settings page.

What happens to unused credits?

Credits that are not used (for instance credits from a monthly subscription that are not used that month) are kept and can be used for future analyses.